The Twitter mob mentality was in full force on Thursday, November 23, 2017.

A young lady named Toluwani tweeted about taking herself for a treat and spending on herself.

She broke down what it cost her to go to the movies. The total amount was N4,000.

Twitter NG swooped in on the tweet and Toluwani. Ladies felt that the latter part of her tweet was taking shots at other women. "The issue I have with that 4k treat yourself to a date girl is that she used it to spite other girls" tweeted @Babygiwa.

Toluwani tells Pulse that she does not regret adding "So stop waiting for a guy to take you out. Don't be needy Take yourself out" to her viral tweet.


"Stop waiting for a guy to take you out before you go out, you can take your self out, don't be needy," she tells women offended by her tweet.

"You will only feel attacked by that tweet if you are needy and you wait for someone to take you out before you go out" she further says.

Toluwani believes women should treat themselves to a good time once in a while

Toluwani who is into photography, fashion designing and makeup artistry admits that "spending men's can be fun but it wouldn't make you less of yourself if you can spend yours too."

While her tweet might have riled some people up ("I never meant to hurt anyone") it shows how a group of people, a mob reacts to someone with a different opinion.

Once you go against the crowd, you get attacked


Twitter ideally should be safe space for people to express their opinions and views but the 4k tweet has shown us that when you go against the cool kids, you will get attacked.

Toluwani's essentially preached that women should be independent and not rely on men before they can have a good time. "[I]  just stated the fact that we can also take ourselves out with what we can afford and we will not die," she says.

It might be that woke Twitter isn't ready for her brand of truth. In a time when feminism and gender equality are being rightly championed for the betterment of women and the girl child, the fuss over a tweet that preaches independence highlights an identity crisis.

The road to gender equality would not be smooth so sometimes. And this is just one of them. Also, the tolerance of unpopular opinions is critical to a diverse society.

More women should take themselves out and not need men to do it for them.